I was asked to produce a self-portrait artwork. It was clear to me that taking photos of myself is not an option. Obviousness is not the representative characteristic of my personality, a self-portrait requires.
I had to come up with another way to capture my image. ‘Rudiments’ was the first concept considered. Soon, I realised that I was still too early in my voyage as a photographer. 
I see my life to be an everlasting school, in which I take lessons about a deeper sense of self through mistakes, experiences, and reflections, made by me and the significant entities I have encountered along my path. I’m the design of my experience, the formation of those people, whose point-of-view paints me most honestly.
‘Rudiments’ is my self-portrait, as seen through the eyes of those who have taken place in the evolution of my personality. These people are/were involved in my upbringing or guided me through my expedition of self-discovery.

This project is a lesson on its own. I have always had reservations about photographing humans. I find little interest in making people the subject of my photographs or perhaps I feel intimidated by the intimacy this situation imposes. I’m certainly unable to express the feelings I'm intrigued by, that I convey in my other ‘human-less’ photography.
Therefore initially, I dismissed this project and presented the ‘selfportrait’ collection instead. An even more abstract concept of my image, as seen through the eyes of the bats, I was always so fascinated with. 
Only some years later, I gathered the confidence to pursue ‘Rudiments’. I believe that both of these projects have played a significant role in my evolution as a photographer. Developing the ability to handle sides of this art, unfamiliar to me and overcoming fears that had held me back from realising my visions.

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