I see my life as a perpetual school that teaches me a deeper self-understanding through mistakes, experiences and reflections that I and the significant people I've met along the way have made. I'm the formation of those people whose perspective portrays me most honestly.
'Rudiments' is my self-portrait, seen through the eyes of those who have been involved in the development of my personality. These people are or were involved in my upbringing and have accompanied me on my expedition of self-discovery.

This project is a lesson in itself. I generally have little interest in making people the subject of my photographs, or perhaps I feel intimidated by the intimacy that this situation entails. So I can not express the feelings that I can easily convey in my other 'humanless' photographs.
This project is a result of my psychological therapy. Some might call it art therapy. It was only years later that I gained the confidence to pursue 'Rudiments'. This project has played an important role in my development as a photographer. I have acquired the ability to deal with aspects of this art that I was not familiar with and to confront fears that had prevented me from realising my vision.
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