Yotamik is a multidisciplinary artist pursuing a particular interest in photography as a form of expression.
the son of a video producer and a former theatre set designer, Yotamik studied film and cinematography at a young age and quickly discovered his passion for storytelling.
Yotamik discovered his interest in photography when he was introduced to the analogue side of the art by his mentor at the time, Hinda Weiss.
being a graphic designer by trade, his wide range of skills allows him to work outside the mere realm of photography.
Yotamik is usually involved to a large extent in the making of his artworks. he likes to develop and scan his films, but is also responsible for the design and printing of his art books and the framing of his prints.
Yotamik plays a part in most of the creative stages of his work, which gives it a unique handcrafted quality.
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