I started experimenting with still photography when I was young, my first camera was digital. I only got my dignity once I started shooting film but beforehand, I would stay aloof from minding the number of times I snapped the shutter.
I used to accumulate countless shots, a few dozen if not hundreds, most are unusable and seemingly, not worth to be looked at, however, I did find joy in stitching them together in private, creating odd and very long collages that happened to feature images of my favourite places.
Recently, I discovered that many of these massive collages are greatly interesting. What can be done with them? I'm unsure. I'd like to imagine them printed in human size, on big walls where they can stretch comfortably, a few metres long.
But until this becomes possible, enjoy some of the gems from this collection.
These images are so large that smaller pictures can be found within them. Here are some of my favourite crops. Try finding yours...
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